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For teams wishing to travel outside the province, travel approval is required from your local association and your affiliated association. 


Teams are not covered under the accident policy.  ONLY LIABILITY coverage extends beyond Canada.

Whether it be for tournaments or inter-league play, the team is obligated to ensure that all participants have Out of Country Accident Coverage.

ENSURE your provider specifically covers you for SPORT ACCIDENT.

Many insurance companies offer this and it is not required that you purchase it through our carrier.

Otherwise, travel insurance can now be purchased online from Gallagher Insurance. Details will be sent when travel approval is issued.

Alternatively, teams can have parents sign off to the understanding that the team has not purchased travel medical for the team and that they will be responsible for any treatment sought out of country through whatever personal coverage they have or obtain.

Out of Province Travel Approval / Insurance Certificate Request Process

Any fees incurred throughout this process are the responsibility of the team requesting for Travel Approval.

  1. Written Permission from your Local, with the Locals EOBA Rep or President’s signature.
    • All approvals need to be on Local Letterhead.
    • The Requester and Approver can’t be the same person to avoid conflicts.
    • They can be physically signed, or eSignature is sufficient.
    • Copy attached to the Out of Country Travel Approval Form.
  2. Complete Out of Country Travel Approval Form.
  3. EOBA Team Entry for the current playing season.
  4. EOBA Approved Roster for the current playing season. Approval Letter will be sent once roster is approved.
  5. All Insurance Certificate will be processed AFTER March 1st to be valid for the current playing season. Any play prior to March 1st will use previous season insurance. For a certificate send email with municipality / tournament details. A complete mailing address is required to process this request. Send email to
  6. The Local Permission signed letter must be attached to the Out of Country Travel Approval Form .  Allow 4-6 weeks for completion after March 1st. Incompleted forms will not be acted on.