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Mar 2 2024

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July 14, 2023

2023 Coach Certification: Removal From Rosters


Lots of Important Information: Please Read!

Baseball Ontario has developed additional tools to help Local Associations verify coach certification. As per the Baseball Ontario rules set by the Membership, coaches who do not meet certification requirements will be removed from rosters, and from that point will not be eligible to participate in any Baseball Ontario sanctioned activities including:

  • practices
  • league games
  • regular season tournaments
  • provincial qualifiers
  • provincial tournaments


Coaches who are removed will be considered not in good standing, and therefore will not be covered by our insurance.

The most critical challenge we're facing is missing NCCP numbers for coaches. We have done every lookup available to us, from checking Baseball Canada data to checking 2022 roster data, and we've populated as many numbers as we can.

Now we need your help.


We have created a lookup feature for coaches whose NCCP Number is wrong or missing, sorted by Local Association. We ask that you check this list, and update your coaches' profiles on the BaseballShift roster platform for anyone missing their number. Please note, if coaches can not be verified, they will be removed and deemed not in good standing as outlined above.

Please verify your association's coaches' numbers by July 21st.

Please recognize the sense of urgency, as the longer it takes to update coaches records, the less time coaches will have to complete any missing certification requirements!

2023 Coaches - No NCCP or Incorrect NCCP


Baseball Ontario has created two look-up features to identify coach certification status. A Certified List, and a Non-Certified List. These lists are available to coaches as well, so they can check their status for 2023. The Non-Certified list (for Individuals) will also identify what components still require completion.

2023 Certified Coaches


2023 Non-Certified Coaches (for Locals)

2023 Non-Certified Coaches (for Individuals)


Baseball Ontario will continue to offer the training required to complete certification, and these lists will be updated frequently. Coaches will also be able to show proof of completion of modules through the clinic registration platform and/or their Baseball Canada Profile.

Register for NCCP Clinics (Delivered by Baseball Ontario)


These include:

  • Initiation Clinic
  • Teaching & Learning Clinic
  • Planning Clinic
  • Absolutes Clinic
  • Strategies Clinic
  • Pitching & Catching Clinic
  • Skills Clinic
  • Baserunning Clinic
  • Hitting Clinic
  • Infield Clinic
  • Outfield Clinic


Register for PCCP Certification



Register for Online Modules and Evaluations (Delivered by Baseball Canada)


These include:

  • Coach Initiation In Sport and Coach Initiation in Baseball (Fundamentals)
  • Core Portfolio Evaluation
  • Video Packages
  • Portfolio Tasks
  • Practice Evaluation
  • Game Evaluation
  • Make Ethical Decisions



No/Incorrect NCCP Coaches List Workflow




Non-Certified Coaches List Workflow


To protect the integrity of the coach certification requirements that were adopted by the Membership, Baseball Ontario will not be offering any exceptions to certification in 2023. Coaches who do not meet the standards will not be eligible to continue with their team in any coaching capacity, and if necessary, must be replaced by a certified coach who actively participates in team events.

As always, we are here to help. by continuing to work together, we can ensure that the standards of the association are being met and the players who benefit most by having qualified coaches continue to enjoy their baseball experience.

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